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Waiting Well ......

deep breath. So much going on this month. This month my post is not really about

a story to share. I feel it truly has been March madness in many aspects.

This post is from my heart and reflection since late February while sitting at my kitchen table

gazing out at nature while I read his word and have tea.

Temperatures have been up and down in which causes either hot or cold flashes.

I'm not sure which affects me more; more clothes on or off.

I hope all my followers are doing well despite all in America at this time and across other countries as well. Ironically, I had written this post last week and had not made time to hit publish post.

I felt led to share and write these words and I hope it may offer someone

the opportunity to know its okay to wait and to wait well. Opportunities and his

offering may speak very softly and we need to be still to actually listen not just hear his


Waiting. Waiting is never just waiting. You can wait with worry or wait well. Resting and having peace knowing that you have done all you could do and trust him with what remains.

He uses our waiting to help us grow.Waiting means not going outside of his plans for us. Waiting provides power to our purpose.Waiting well and how we wait is who we become. Waiting provides us renewal, strength, purpose and time to have a vision of what or maybe who in our waiting. Learning to trust him. He wants to see if we are ready and prepared to be moved. Sometimes, we may feel empty not well and no signs directed when we are waiting. He is always working towards our good. I don't know your prayer or what you may be pleading or waiting on, but I do know in his word and promises to allow yourself to have trust in him while you wait and keep pleading and praying all to him. He hears you and you are being heard in the wait. Be still and listen. He had to wait, he had to wait on us.

I hope this month you will find renewal and that you wait well and are led to him.

Waiting is not about us it is about him. Our hope is in him. I hope he offers you peace in waiting well and knowing what to do and when; that his peace and trust will guide and teach you to trust as you wait and are moved with purpose.

Psalm 27:14 "Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord."

In peace,


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