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Peaceful Presence

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

The house was quite, cool with moisture on the glass from the air being on 66-(2:30 a.m. flash) the smell of lavender and peppermint from the diffuser filled our home. Peaceful Presence calmly appeared while I was getting dressed for my morning doctor's appointment.

A calmness that was cool and calm came over me and I just smiled . I have been debating about how to approach this title since my last blog to be honest. I had to allow myself time to re-center,

re- focus and re-organize all my thoughts from within and realizing that's okay. This blog is not long or a long story but a simple thought to share.

I have been asked over the past couple of weeks" waiting on your next post, when are you going to write?" I just smile with a reply....... in time.

Recently, I went away for a refresh and refocus trip without a Harley, I needed a reset button and

an opportunity to focus on my self-care, restoring my soul and my "boys" made it happen.

You see, I write when I feel drawn to share his word and the peace I have from him that only he provides. I write to share with those who wish to read and follow, I don't just write per se.

My peace and joy for this blog comes from the presence he provides in my life through storms and triumphs. Does this mean HIS perfect peaceful presence will never have you feel the effects of the storms raging around you? probably not. But, I do know HIS peace is complete, and sufficient for anything you may face or be facing. Focus, Trust and reading his word provides that peace.

It's hard sometimes and we question; he already knows what is in our mind and hearts, seek him , ask him to help you trust even when we don't understand and long for peace.

Self-care is important and peaceful presence from HIM and within is amazing.

I wish all of you peaceful presence in the storms and the triumphs.

"For he himself is our peace" (Eph 2:14)

In peace,


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