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New Vision

Happy New Year sweet friends, family and new to those on this blog journey!!

It has been awhile and hope everyone is doing well. Focusing on a new vision.

Huh, 2020 ! No, not the new year but my vision being 20/20- umm, I am not thinking so.

This hot flash, hormonal gal is having some eye sight issues. However, my vision

for those I love and those I look forward to meeting in this new year brings much excitement

and joy to my heart. So, you know I have to ask - how is your vision? what is your vision?

Do you need glasses, do you need new adjustments or are you set for 2020 -20/20.

One thing remains my VISION is still set on the love of Jesus and all he has planned for

this hot mess. In review, I am still thankful for closed doors, darkness, endings and the disappointment cries, the people who thought I wasn't good enough because that meant I was for someone else, something else and a new tribe. I am proud to have had stumbling, as I set goals for things that were not meant for me at that time or my heart to touch because that's when I realized not all stumbles must hurt, not all fights are meant to be won and not all that we may chase are beneficial to us.

I am hopeful, you will find your vision whether it be setting your eyes on HIM with a new vision with or without readers/contacts. We rely on those readers to see , but do you rely on him to actually

see what he has in store for you?. He has the script already filled out and signed. He is just waiting on us to fulfill the script and pay for the vision/glasses by loving HIM. I hope you find beautiful vision this year with FOCUS on his love and that your vision is filled with excellent eyesight

and restoration for your heart and soul.

(Proverbs 29:18)

In peace and blessings ,


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