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Shift in Season

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

New month, new vision, new season. Finally, some cooler morning temps in eastern North Carolina. Ahhhh, what's a girl and hot flashes to do with these temps than to feel at ease. Sweet fella pronounces he was glad to not be on that Harley this morning but with some heat in the truck rolling in from work. Meanwhile, the kid is in a hoody before school and my sweet fella reaches in the coat closet to search for an insulated hunting coat walking around in the house for his shoulders. I am in pure heaven. ("hahahaha")

Seasons change , do we?

Currently, I am in another shifting spiritual season and learning to shift more with him than against him. Have you ever noticed , or maybe its just me that when you seem to be in a change

things break or you receive news that takes your breath ? Another test.

Honestly, now I just smile and shrug. However, in a previous season I would have been really frustrated and not with such a happy heart. HE always moves to turn things around for his beloved in a season, thankfully. When things break or in the wrong gear, so will his plan.

Take the step to move and shift with him. Do we listen or hear him?

There is a difference. Many times HE has already answered the prayer , HE is just waiting for us to shift and slow down (Ephesians 3:20).

Staying in tune with HIS shift and let him lead.

I, directly asked him oh, Lord please confirm you are indeed speaking to me in this shift and this time of testing in the season. I received my confirmation very directly and explicit. I have no idea what the next spiritual season shift is or what it will entail, but I do believe in HIM and his plan.

I believe he has provided an opportunity this September season for a shift to end a season well and bring a new one fresh in his power as all his great blessings await.

I have found my shift season is going to be from the testing to the blessings.

What season are you in?

There is an appointed time. (Ecclesiastes 3:1).

That is my confirmation- to many it's just a small bird- But, to tell you the story that will be another blog. I can't wait. Hello Gigi and Jesus, we hear you and see you.

In peace and blessings for a well season,


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