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Sheltering Tree

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Hmmmm... Sheltering Trees, yes a sheltering tree. Have you ever took cover

under a tree from the rain, to rest or to be cooled off? I love a sheltering tree for three reasons:

provides a shelter break riding a Harley in ninety degree weather with hot hormonal flashes (can I get some a/c on this bike please), feeling secure and cozy while fishing or watching a sunset, and the love of JESUS as the wind blows... for he made this tree to provide shelter.

Have you ever considered friendships and Jesus your sheltering tree?

If you find yourself in a certain age group(and let me tell ya late forties and early fifties are fun) and maybe even post this age those friendship sheltering trees are either limited, diminished or a small little tribe of " sistas' that will love you via the storms. Right , ladies?? and there may be some who have none and are looking for shelter. Take a deep breath for a moment, at this age you find you start becoming more free, fine tuning yourself and well really just enjoying who you are and more appreciative of the small things because the rest really is just background noise.

What about Jesus? is it not awesome to have him as the greatest sheltering tree of all? through all the storms and shifts. Ahhhh---man I love having that peace. What an awesome feeling to know you can run to him and he will love you via it so so good and you can come back for more over and over and over again and his love never changes. He is the sheltering tree.

Sheltering trees come with many branches. Think about it... does the branches not make the shape of the tree? Our small circles, families, friendships and Jesus help shape us as well. However, one thing is for sure how thick really is that trunk of understanding that gives us that security? beneath all those branches, I bet there have been many to have rested their discouraged soul. So, I encourage you. Whose branches are you refreshed by or who rests beneath yours? watering, pruning and growing from within takes time .... and when the winds begin to blow/shift and the heat/humidity rises in good ol' eastern north carolina and you find yourself looking for a tree.....who will you run to and will you provide shelter too?

In Peace..........tmh

FRIENDSHIP AND JESUS is the sheltering tree

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