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Put ya Boots On

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Grab ya boots and helmet baby we going for a ride... Wohooo.

Summer ride on a Harley in the country , makes me happy to be with my

love and the smell of dirt, honeysuckles and speaking to our neighbors and the pipe tone

on those roads.... pure heaven. Meanwhile, we will make a stop at the local country mart for a

cold bottle of coke and take in the slow steady small town life.

We share a laugh sitting on top of the picnic table of kids, jobs, summer, school starting back up and the chaos of schedules, humidity, rain needed for crops, Dr. visits and tests, his reading of Job before he went to work and how long it took me to decide between boots. "hahahaha".

My boot choice is very important....I LOVE my cross boots and decided on those.

Let me share with you about boots and a memory - a personal story. Sit back and let's swing under the carport with my G.G. for a minute. It was a hot summer day, cool breeze in pamlico county one evening and the sun was setting across the tips of the rows of corn. G.G. said honey, granma knows you are hurting. The tears strolled down my face, yeah I am G.G.. What can granma do?, as she patted my knee . I am not sure, I am kinda lost. You see, I was going via a horrible divorce and

my heart was broken for many reasons and I was angry. Angry, this is not what was in my plans,my soul was oh so tired of many struggles and many failed attempts to try and fix. I was done

and was lost. Well ,sug as she touched my knee and patted. G.G. can't fix it,but Jesus can fix you. You make YOU happy, read your bible and put ya boots back on and you will find your sassy again. hahahaha-- laughing and crying. I will , I will. I was given permission to be happy put my boots on and when I felt lost TRUST in him. Now, the part about why my boots were so important my boots got thrown on top of my roof and my other pair I put in my Honda Accord trunk during

that loss.(G.G. funded that new pair) Take my heart, take my house,but don't mess with my boots and my boy. I rode with them safely and put them back on and boy was she right!! Sass came alive, happy was restored via reading my bible and I met a wonderful man who helped me pack up a lot of hurt over the past couple of years. Looking back over that now, "to be without shoes was a blessing my ex gave me."

I was able to fight my battle and win my WAR with peace. I learned to TRUST in a lot different manner after the hurt and anger. I felt TRUST with my greatest supporter, JESUS.

I was able to LOVE because HE LOVED ME.

So , when that sweet man of mine says grab ya boots honey let's go - I grab them with happy sass.

What shoes make you happy? Feet and shoes serve many souls. Where do your feet and shoes lead you? Being the hands and feet of Jesus, by Loving as he loved with HIS.

Feet serve many. I am so happy that my shoes fit with peace and allows me to do that successfully.

(Ephesians 6:15) I am delighted to put on my armor , how about you? I encourage you to push and serve yourself and others that bring good tidings to your heart, his heart and others via your service.

When we stand with peace, we fear less of the battles. Hope your shoes are led to him as well.

P.S. the hormones are emoji emotional today. :)

In peace with my Sassy Boots


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