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Updated: Aug 12, 2019

I was driving home from a long day after picking up a few grocery items and heading to the country from this crazy in town traffic. YUCKOOO!!! I was tired, hot, sweaty and emotionally drained from giving so much of myself emotionally at work, how could I possibly even take on the grievance of two friends passing on the same day and in the same week. I drove and the tears began to just follow, hormones started setting in with the emotion, the hot flashes and the talk with Jesus.

Father, please help me understand today. Please help me not to anger but to show joy for the angels you have truly gained. Windows down and the breeze just setting in across this SUV.

I paused, literally just paused with all the emotion. Took a deep breath, and said you know I am just going to HOLD ON. Same thing, I find myself doing when those gears shift on that Harley and those pipes crackle with tone. I feel alive and soooo free. Ahhhh, what a refresher.

Nothing like that ride and freedom and excitement of sitting princess style as a biker chick

with that sweet man of mine.

HOLD ON, HOLD ON to the memories, JESUS, hormones changing, seasons and the gifts that shall come to you from him, because no gift that comes from him is temporary or occasional.

HOLD ON to knowing that his love is eternal and that through all of the pauses, he never wants us to HOLD OFF in loving and finding him in our life.

For now, I encourage you to pause and HOLD ON.

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Love what you have written sweet one!

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