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Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Where do you Gather?

My family .. well , I find we gather everywhere. I don't say that lightly

either. We gather in church, kitchen table and island, bathroom,bed of the

chevrolet truck, pop up camper, in a one person recliner turned into a family recliner(haha),

on the pier at a fishing line, the porch swing passing a piece of watermelon and the list goes on.

Personal space-- sometimes, but I wouldn't change it for anything.

Other than the church seats, my favorite spot for us to gather is in our hallway-

yep right in front of the laundry area. Crazy, right ? maybe to some.

But for me, I love everything about meeting in the middle with us embraced in a circle

or joking with one another. The saying goes, until he opens the next door praise

HIM in the hallway, right.? Honaaayyy, we have done that right in front of that

washing machine and dryer set followed by a Wohoooo!!!!

Right now, I feel like these hormones and flashes are gathering on this soul with this

flash of heat at the computer screen. My" GG" would say, "take your socks off -you will cool

off." Also, she may add if "he drives that Harley real fast you won't have a flash of heat while pointing her little finger and smiling great big or he must cause you to feel heat"... good grief

GG , really!! she laughs and my face beat red. God rest her sweet soul, she is laughing in heaven right now. I may need to open this door, for some cool air to Gather in this room.

Anyway, Gather.

Gather and praise.

I find hallways have become quite the thing for me, Not just at home.

I work in a medical setting and find I am praising him in those long hallways too.

I pass a lot of sick, hurt and wounded. Not just the patients, but staff/visitors as well.

Hallways lead the way, right? to other rooms, to other areas, doors opened and shut.

Is that true for our life? Is our purpose to lead and gather and lift others up?

Do we go through items in our life while in the hallway or are we in the hallway, lost and not gathered? Maybe. As we look and journey down that hallway it can appear long, cold, warm, happy, tiring, short, lonely and possibly worrisome. Mind Drift.... with me for a minute.- while we are walking the hall does it not give us time to prepare our hearts and minds for the areas and rooms we are about to enter?

He has already set and gathered the pieces, the people, the events for us. Gather , peeps.

Gather with others, Gather with HIM, Gather in the elevator and praise!

His ways are above our own. While Gathering, you are learning your own heart, the meaning of the hallway that leads to the room with open and shut doors. He wants you to enter and TRUST in him. He has all of the keys to every room where the hallway leads. Go, go Gather with him--- what a glorious day it will be , I promise you.

P.S. ~ enjoy the journey in the hall and peace be with you.


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1 Comment

I love your blog and the writings you share. Heartfelt and real. Keep on keeping on and thankful for you!

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